5 Vacancies at HelpAge International, Africa Region

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Jobs in Kenya: The following are career opportunities advertised by HelpAge International. Take advantage of these opportunities. Apply to fill these vacancies

Head of Network Coordination and Development

1.Proven experience in development and implementation of relevant strategies
2.Experience in successfully developing networks and / or innovative partnerships
3.Extremely strong communication, negotiation and representational skills and ability to work with partners at different levels- CBOs to Governments
4.Flair and liking for collaborative working, and ability to combine direct line management with working within a decentralized,
matrix management structure.
5.Experience in coordinating CSO and network capacity building
6.Project and budget management skills
7.Substantial experience of international development and/or humanitarian work, including both at regional and field levels
8.Understanding and experience of humanitarian and development issues in the Africa region

Regional Health Programme Manager

1.Substantial experience in working at a regional level and management of regional health programmes
2.Extremely strong communication, negotiation and representational skills and ability to work at a regional level
3.Past experience of developing collaborative partnerships with other organisations, research/ academic institutions etc
4.Proven ability for ‘horizon scanning’ on issues of health and care within the region and analysis of information

Regional Program Manager- Grants & Fundraising

1.Significant experience in fundraising in a competitive environment and niche issue
2.Experience of leading donor engagement and consortium building
3.Ability to work with a team of technical leaders working on priority themes of health & care and Social protection
4.Good understanding of project design, project cycle management log frame development.
5.Demonstrable experience and knowledge of major bilateral donors, Trusts & Foundations and a wide range of charities.
6.Significant experience of working with at least 2 of the major donors prioritized by HelpAge (EU, ECHO, BPRM, DfID and UN Agencies).
7.Skills to train and support partners in developing resource mobilization strategy and the techniques of fund raising.
8.Proven track record in contract management and donor servicing
9.Strong numeracy skills, with understanding of budgets and spreadsheets

Regional Program Manager- Research, Evidence and Learning

1.Proven experience of designing and developing monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment systems in a development context
2.Understanding of principles of rights based programming and issues of accountability to beneficiaries and stakeholders
3.Knowledge and experience of using qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods, including basic statistical packages and digital data collection/management
4.Excellent facilitation skills and experience in use of participatory methodologies with a wide range of organisations
5.Excellent skills in information management, including recording, analysis, reporting and review methods, gained in an international organisation
6.Proven ability to contribute to and develop organisational learning objectives and development of learning strategies

Regional Emergency Programme Manager

1.A strong understanding of key technical issues in one or more areas of humanitarian protection, livelihoods and food security, health, nutrition and HIV, resilience, disaster preparedness and recovery.
2.An understanding of work in conflict areas, and the concepts of conflict sensitivity, conflict reduction and conflict resolution at community level.
3.A strong understanding of and commitment to international humanitarian principles, standards and instruments, frameworks and codes of conduct that govern humanitarian work.
4.Experience of developing and/or implementing donor and beneficiary accountability frameworks.
5.Experience of proposal development, compiling and managing substantial multi-donor budgets in adherence to value for money principles.
6.Some experience in Humanitarian Advocacy
7.Experience of work in an advisory capacity in training and capacity development
8.An advanced degree in Social Studies or Conflict Management/ DRR or any other related field




11th December, 2016


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